FEARS Challenged–Terror in Charlottesville, Virginia

The events which transpired in Charlottesville, Virginia on yesterday (August 12) and resulted in the death of activist Heather Heyer MUST be properly categorized as “Domestic Terrorism.”

The violence was instigated by white supremacists, KKK and alt-right white nationalists who have been emboldened by the election of Donald Trump.  These persons have sought to perpetuate fears in our communities and we salute the brave counter-protesters who refused to allow these fears to go unchallenged.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.  We stand united in supporting the removal of symbols of hate from public spaces.

Joshua Peters/Reuters

If the courageous citizens of Charlottesville can work toward removing the last, hateful vestiges of bigotry from their city, then it makes you wonder why the citizens of Atlanta cannot do the same—at Stone Mountain?

The work remains unfinished.  We must finish the work.  Fight the fear and be free.℠

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  1. Heather Heyer–May she rest in peace. Her life mattered–we have work to do.

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