THE PHOENIX RISES–UNDISTURBED Premieres at Capital-City Black Film Festival Event

The Oprah Winfrey Network- OWN's "Black Love" Creators Tommy Oliver and Codie Oliver with CCBFF Executive Director Winston G. Williams at Festival's Opening Night (Friday - August 18, 2017) S. Moultrie

UNDISTURBED premiered at the Capital City Black Film Festival (CCBFF) – Phoenix Rises Event on Saturday, August 19, 2017 in Austin, Texas.  The event was planned by the CCBFF team following the controversial cancellation of the larger festival.

Director Farris Williams took questions immediately following the screening.  Here’s a brief transcript of his remarks:

Farris Williams takes questions following screening at CCBFF Phoenix Rises Event (August 19, 2017) S. Moultrie

In light of what happened in Charlottesville last weekend and at protests taking place as far away as Boston this morning, [the] subject matter of removing Confederate memorials is very timely.
Donald Trump and other white-supremacist sympathizers argue that if we remove these Confederate monuments to Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis, then where (and when) will it stop?  Who’s next? George Washington? Thomas Jefferson?
Yes, it’s true that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were slave owners.  Yes, it’s true that they helped create America.  But George Washington and Thomas Jefferson never betrayed America.  They never committed treason in the name of keeping an entire race of people enslaved.
If you want to compare the Confederates to someone from America’s revolutionary period, Benedict Arnold would be more appropriate.  The Confederates were traitors and they deserve no place of honor in our society or in our most cherished public spaces.


UNDISTURBED – Official Trailer:

UNDISTURBED – Special Tribute to the Charleston Nine:

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  1. What an awesome event! It was a pleasure to be in the fellowship of other filmmakers with similar themes, stories and mindsets. “Each round goes higher and higher.”

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