UNDISTURBED–World Premiere Screening this Friday–August 18

Empathy for CharlestonUNDISTURBED - Mama Mae (Novelette Seroyer) offers her bible to a white supremacist (Daniel Wofford).


New short film “Undisturbed” voices for removal of Confederate carvings from Stone Mountain

New short film “Undisturbed” committed to remove symbols of racism and hate from public prominence has been chosen for 2017 Capital City Black Film Festival.

ATLANTA, GA, AUGUST 14, 2017: With racism rising to alarming heights of late, it’s high time that we take proactive steps to confront and demolish the issue to ensure an equal world for all. In that light, a non-profit organization fearfighters.org is soon to release a new short film “Undisturbed” which aims to promote the removal of Confederate carvings from Stone Mountain. The film has been selected at the prestigious 2017 Capital City Black Film Festival which will be held at Austin from August 17 to 21.

Official Screening Time and Place:

Austin Convention Center
500 East Cesar Chavez Street
Austin, TX 78701
4th Floor
Block #1 – Theater 17A
10:00AM -12:30PM CST


“Undisturbed” is dedicated to the tragic memory of the Charleston Nine who were massacred on June 17, 2015

“We are pleased to announce that our new short film ‘Undisturbed’ has been selected at the esteemed 2017 Capital City Black Film Festival which will be held at Austin later this month. It’s a great honor for our whole team to have our work recognized before such an elite audience. Moreover, it renders us the amazing opportunity to foster our message on a prestigious platform that would be attended by the who’s who of the industry”, stated Farris Williams, the director of the film as well as presiding director of FearFighters.org and FFDMF Incorporated’s Board of Directors.

A leading organization, fearfighters.org is committed to train masses to successfully confront the fear that keeps one from accepting diversity & inclusion.

The main plot of “Undisturbed” revolves around a team of young socially conscious activists who are on the mission to remove a prominent racist symbol from a popular Native American landmark. An official trailer of the film has already been released on YouTube which has received massive views and comments from the viewers.

Speaking further, Farris championed the recent initiative taken by New Orleans to successfully remove 4 Confederate monuments from public places. These are statues of Jefferson Davis, P.G.T. Beauregard, Robert E. Lee as well as the Battle of Liberty Place obelisk.

“We hail New Orleans for its efforts to remove symbols of racism and we are glad that Charlottesville too is proactive in removing Confederate monuments from public prominence. Our film is all about that. The Confederate carvings from Stone Mountain have long been dominant symbols of racism and hatred. Our film aspires to ‘Clean the Slate’ to remove these markings of hate so that the whole of the US can breathe in an equal and happy world.”

He mentioned about the recent news that reported about HBO showrunners (of Game of Thrones fame) new show on alternate reality. Entitled as “Confederate”, the show revolves around the success of the Confederacy.

“We champion exactly the opposite”, noted Williams while talking about the HBO show. “Removing the Confederate carvings is no different than the de-Nazification of Germany after the Second World War. “

To know more about the film, visit www.fearfighters.org


UNDISTURBED – Official Trailer:

UNDISTURBED – Special Tribute to the Charleston Nine:

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  1. Thanks again to the selection committee of the Capital City Black Film Festival for bringing UNDISTURBED to Austin!

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