The FearFighters® Quarterly Showcase is an opportunity to present your short films and experimental videos in a welcoming environment.

At, we want to harness our collective, artistic energy to make a statement: Fears that breed hatred will not be perpetuated and such hatred will not go unchallenged.

This is not a traditional festival as there will be no prizes or judges. It’s just people supporting each other and showcasing their work.

There are no submission fees—Submission fees are waived and free!

The first series of showcases will be held in Atlanta. 

We are seeking short films and videos with run times of 11 minutes or less (including credits) for showcasing during a quarterly event that is slated to be held on November 12, 2022.

The creators of selected films/videos will be invited to participate in an live audience dialogue (either in person or virtually) following their screening at this showcase.

If selected, this is a great opportunity for a filmmaker to further promote their work. For more information, apply today!

**CALL for Atlanta Associate Producer-Volunteers***

If you are located in (or near) Atlanta and want to support your local community of creators, you are strongly encouraged to apply for an Associate Producer-Volunteer (APV) role with our team.  

Please click here!

Direct Link for APV Application: