Homophobic Wedding-Cake Bakers–How Fearful Art Thou?

Just Say I Do (David Lud)

The cake is a major player in any wedding. Baking a wedding cake involves the right mix of ingredients, the right choice of design and decoration, and the skill of the right baker. Because the wedding cake is a must-have, it is in high demand and often carries a hefty price tag. Most bakers clamor for jobs in this specialty.

To the Homophobic Wedding-Cake Bakers…

How fearful art thou that you think you’ll go to h3ll for making a wedding cake for a same-sex couple? The ingredients do not change. The process does not change. Even the basic decorations do not change except for the cake topper, the decorations do not change. The only thing that makes the wedding cake for a same sex couple different is the gender of the couple. Why should this matter to the baker – or to anyone other than the couple, themselves?


Just Say I Do (Patrice Bush)

How foolish art thou to hold to the belief that you have any right to discriminate and disrespect your fellow citizens. Same sex couples have as much right to life, liberty and happiness in this society as do you and I. They have the same right to the wedding – and the wedding cake – of their choice. Your personal views do not permit you to dictate to this or any other engaged couple.

Where does it stop? FearFighters is here to make sure it stops right here, right now. Since you do not have the right to force your choices on the betrothed couple in regard to cake flavors, cake fillings and cake frostings, you certainly do not have the right to choose cake toppers. Every citizen, every couple, every client should be treated with the exact same level of dignity and respect because what should matter to a professional baker is the couple’s budget and happiness, not their lifestyle.

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