Seven Years after Charleston

Source: The Guardian

Today marks the 7th anniversary of the Charleston Massacre at Mother Emmanuel AME Church.

We are sad to report that the Saints of Charleston are now joined by members from the community of Buffalo, New York. Souls who simply sought to secure food and sustenance from the Tops Supermarket there on May 14, 2022.

Source: CNN

Top row, left to right: Celestine Chaney-65, Roberta Drury-32, Andre Mackniel-53, Katherine Massey-67, Margus Morrison-52. Bottom row, left to right: Heyward Patterson-67, Aaron Salter-55, Geraldine Talley-62, Ruth Whitfield-86, Pearl Young-77.

What can be done? What will be done?

Can laws be passed outlawing assault weapons in general? A majority of Republicans in the US Congress and Senate says, “No,” in spite of polling showing that a majority of the American people want gun-law reforms. This same block of Republican obstructionists who block gun laws also have notoriously blocked voting rights and the rights of women to choose their own destinies.

Can there be compromise? Could laws that outlaw assault weapons for anyone under the age of 21 be passed as is the case for alcohol? Is that asking too much?

Were the lives lost in Buffalo, Charleston, Uvalde, Parkland, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas,…on and on and on …WERE THEIR LIVES LOST IN VAIN?

As the murderers at Buffalo and Charleston were cut from the same White-Supremacist cloth of “Being Replaced,” Can these traitorous, seditious insurrectionists be brought to justice in a court of law And before their G-ds?

Source: Buffalo News

What can be done? What will be done?
On earth…as it is in Heaven?