The False Equivalency of Trump’s Moral Equivalency

“Both Sides” are to blame? Wrong.

The notion that there is a moral equivalency between those who oppose diversity and those who embrace diversity is wrong.  Evil is evil. Period.

UPDATE:  A great article from the New York Times speaks to issue of Trump’s Moral Equivalency:

Waiting for a Perfect Protest?

Media outlets and commentators representing a range of political persuasions have called attention to recent outbreaks of violence in Berkeley, Calif., Boston and other locations where anti-racist and anti-fascist demonstrators have gathered. Intentionally or not, they have often promoted a false equivalency between groups that advocate white supremacy and those that seek to eliminate it.

Even mainstream media outlets that typically fact-check the president seem to have subtly bought into Mr. Trump’s “both sides” narrative regarding right- and left-wing extremism. They’ve run headlines that highlight small violent skirmishes while ignoring the thousands who marched and protested peacefully, to say nothing of the injustices that inspired the protests.

For more, visit the NY Times:


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