Transphobic Bathroom-Stall Peepers–How Fearful Art Thou?

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Most people who visit a public restroom, pinch their noses, line the commode’s seat, quickly relieve themselves, wash their hands, and exit. Unfortunately, the Transphobic Bathroom-Stall Peeper, has a different agenda. They feel some sense of misplaced moral obligation to police the bathroom looking for men and women who might have a different set of plumbing than they do. Is this not a form of the very voyeurism they claim to despise?

To the Transphobic Bathroom-Stall Peepers…

How fearful art thou that a transgender American might use a public bathroom that is not assigned to their “birth” gender? How foolish art thou to think that you have the right to randomly inspect bathroom stalls or to personally double-check another public restroom user’s gender? How can you feel even remotely entitled to become a Peeping Tom or Peeping Tomasina? Attempting to justify such action is unthinkable and will not be tolerated.

They fear that transgendered individuals may be using the “wrong” public restrooms and so they take it upon themselves to peep over stalls inside a public restroom to see if a person is transgendered. What unmitigated gall! Imagine the utter turmoil that will ensue when a victim of these peepers takes retaliatory action into their own hands. Absolutely no one has the right to covertly examine the genitals of another person.

FearFighters is here to defend those rights, to demand a measure of privacy even in a public facility, and to arm transgendered American citizens with the tools, resources, and defense mechanisms that allow them to exercise these freedoms. Every citizen of America has the right to choose their lifestyle. Every citizen of America has the right to make their own gender preference. Finally, every single citizen of America should be treated with the dignity and respect to which they are entitled.

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