White Supremacist Sympathizers–How Fearful Art Thou?

White Heritage Believers (Patrice Bush)

How fearful art thou, White Supremacist Sympathizers, of losing your “advantage” to other races, namely African Americans? How foolish art thou of fearing equality for all races and diversity groups? How fantastical art thou for trying to maintain your Confederate monuments to lost causes? Let’s examine some of these issues and concerns.

How Fearful Art Thou of Losing Your “Advantage” To Other Races, Namely African Americans?

The real question here should be why these believers and sympathizers feel entitled to more of America than other races and cultures of people. This is particularly true in light of the fact that African-Americans built this country. It’s particularly true in light of the fact, that, if any one race of people is entitled to an American advantage, it would be the true original Americans – Native Americans – from whom this land was stolen in the first place.

White Supremacy is Terrorism! (Pax Ahimsa Gethen)

How Foolish Art Thou of Fearing Equality For All Races And Diverse Groups?

One has to wonder, what unlimited potential these believers see in other races of people that incites the fear of giving them a fair chance. If these Caucasian-Americans really believed in the superiority of their race, there would be no need or reason to fear other cultures of people.

How Fantastical Art Thou for Trying To Maintain Your Confederate Monuments To Lost Causes?

In truth, it seems to conflict with their own interests when these sympathizers celebrate Confederate carvings and statues (like the one in Charlottesville, Stone Mountain), flags, and other monuments that represent the “glory days” of the anti-bellum South. The historic monuments that they insist on maintaining, even though they are clearly offensive to African-Americans, do not really celebrate “glory days” – since the civil war was, in fact, lost by the South.

FearFighters is, and will continue, to help these believers and sympathizers see that these monuments are gravely disrespectful to their fellow Americans and that instead of celebrating a victory that never was, many of these monuments were erected to send a message of fear. Therefore, we urge them to help clean the slate by removing the hate these monuments exemplify, by accepting the people they in fact forced into America as Americans, and by championing a peaceful America for all or America’s people.