Xenophobic “American Job” Protectors–How Fearful Art Thou?

Immigrant Rights March (Jonathan McIntosh)

Xenophobic “American-Job” Protectors often cry and complain about the loss of American jobs and opportunities. This is ironic because in the same breath, they also accuse African-American, Mexican-American, and other nationalities of people of being inexplicably lazy and unemployable.

To the Xenophobic “American-Job” Protectors…

How fearful art thou of Mexicans taking “your” jobs, of losing “your” jobs to China and India? This fear is so deep-seated, that you resort to blatant, overt racism against the very people you simultaneously deem too lazy to want these jobs.

How foolish art thou for resorting to racist tendencies? Open racism does not excuse the fact that you are unprepared for a changing America and a changing economy. It does not excuse the fact that you do not have any expectation of your government – the government you elected – supporting you as the economy and the types of job available evolves.

Immigration Protest (Bruce Emmerling)

They fear that American jobs are being taken away by foreigners, like Mexicans inside America and Chinese and Indian workers outside America, so they rant that his income hasn’t risen in years and thinks that it’s permissible to rail against Mexicans and foreigners by using racial slurs.

FearFighters is committed to helping these beleaguered citizens realize that foreigners are not the real reason for low wages – that perhaps, instead of focusing on tactics like xenophobic attacks, their efforts should focus on better educating themselves to qualify for a changing job landscape. Perhaps they shouldn’t see government supporting retraining themselves and Americans of all races as a hand out, but as a hand up.

In fact, perhaps it is time for the government to invest back into these citizens in light of all the years that they and all Americans have spent investing tax dollars into the government, because if the American government stepped up to the plate and went to bat for all Americans, training and even retraining them when necessary, and providing affordable education, American jobs would not be taken away from any American.